Frequently Asked Questions


Please review these FAQs to familiarize yourself with the steps to order a cake from Sweet Butter Baking as well as pricing information.

Custom Wedding Cake Questions:

Where to begin for a Custom Wedding Cake?
The first step is to submit the inquiry form to check your date and availability with Sweet Butter Baking. Once we confirm availability, Andrea will you send you an initial price estimate for your desired cake and the details for a tasting/design meeting if desired.

How much will my Custom Wedding Cake cost?
Pricing is dependent on design.  Custom order wedding cakes start at $10.00 per serving for a semi-naked cake, $11.00-12.00+ for a full buttercream finish, $15.00 for fondant finish.  Pricing will vary based on complexity of design and involved labor.  Wedding Cupcakes, French Macarons, Mini Pies, Cookies, and Back-up Cake Tiers are also offered at various price points.   Vegan and Gluten Friendly items are available upon request.

Post tasting and design?
Andrea will email you a contract. If you have decided that Sweet Butter Baking is the right fit bakery for your event, you will sign the contract and pay the 50% deposit to secure your event on our calendar.

Is there an order price minimum for Custom Wedding Cakes/Desserts?
Yes, there is a $500 minimum

When is the final payment due?
Two weeks prior to your wedding date.

How does a Wedding Cake Tasting work?
First submit an inquiry.
Next, Andrea will set up a date for your tasting (unless you do not need a tasting or live out of town).
An invoice of $50 will be sent in advance of the tasting to cover some of the labor and ingredients.

You may bring up to 4 people with you to the tasting meeting. Andrea will prepare 3-4 items of your choice from the cake flavors menu. Please come prepared with ideas from your wedding colors, cake images you love, stationary, dress, design themes, etc.

A tasting session takes approximately 45-60 minutes while we design your custom dream wedding cake!

How far in advance should I schedule my tasting?
Andrea offers tastings within 12-14 months of your wedding date. Since you finalize the cake design during the tasting, you should schedule your tasting once you have a good sense of the overall theme of your wedding as well as a booked venue.

Do you copy other wedding cakes from pictures?
Please feel free to bring pictures of inspiration for your cake and Andrea will make her unique version of the cake pictured as she does not copy work.

How much cake is usually consumed at most weddings?
This depends on how much food and alcohol is being served at your wedding as well as the time of day and number of small children at the event. In Andrea’s experience, if you are offering a full meal and an open bar, about 80% of the guests will eat cake. If you are not offering a full meal with drinks, most everyone will definitely have the appetite for cake!

Do you deliver the Custom Wedding Cakes?
Yes, there is a delivery fee of $25.00 for the Albuquerque, NM metro area within 15 miles from Sweet Butter Baking and an additional $1.00 for areas beyond that.

Do you deliver wedding cakes to Santa Fe?
Yes, Sweet Butter Baking delivers Custom Wedding Cakes to Santa Fe, NM with a $150 delivery fee.  Andrea also has many clients opt to pick up their wedding cake (up to two-tiers) in Albuquerque and transport it themselves to their event in Santa Fe or other parts of the state.  A two-tier cake travels well.

What flavors do you offer?
Check out Andrea’s signature cake flavors.

Online Cake Shop Questions

When should I order my cake from the Online Cake Shop and when will be be delivered?
Cakes should be ordered by Tuesday’s at 9 am to be delivered the same week on Saturday. If you know what you would like in advance we recommend ordering early as we close off orders when we have met our capacity for the week.

I need a cake for a day besides Saturday. Is that possible?
If you’d like a different delivery day, such as a Sunday, please email to inquire. Cakes delivered may be consumed within a day or two of delivery as long as you refrigerate once delivered.

Can I order a cake from the Online Cake Shop to be delivered to Santa Fe?                                                                  Please fill out a Custom Cake Inquiry for cakes that you’d like delivered to Santa Fe, NM.

Can I change the design of one of Online Cake Shop cakes?
If you want to order a cake designed exactly to your specifications, Custom Order Cakes are offered.  Otherwise, some of them are customizable.

What flavors of cakes do you offer for your Online Cake Shop?
The cakes in our Online Cake shop are offered in a few of our most popular cake flavor options, listed on the Options for each item, except the Funfetti Macaron Cake, which is a rainbow sprinkle cake.  French Macarons are also offered in a variety of flavors.

How soon should I consume the cake once it is delivered?
Your cake will be cold when you receive it, so it’s best to allow 1-3 hours (depending on the size) for it to come to room temperature before enjoying it. To enjoy at peak freshness, we recommend eating your cake within 1-2 days upon delivery. Upon delivery store your cake in the refrigerator as soon as possible.

What is your cancellation policy for your Online Cake Shop?
Refunds, or rescheduling are available for orders cancelled 6 or more days in advance of delivery.  Orders cancelled within 7 days of delivery are not eligible for refunds, reschuedules, or store credit.

General Questions

Are your cakes baked from scratch?
Yes! Sweet Butter Baking’s cakes have been been developed by Andrea (who is a trained chef) and are crafted from scratch with the best and most exciting flavors. Andrea does not use pre-made cake mixes.  She also uses many interesting and unique local ingredients!

Do you make vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, or nut-free cakes?
This is something Andrea can offer as a Custom Wedding Cake for an additional fee. Please fill out a custom cake inquiry form.

Do you ship your cakes?

What number of servings can you get from Sweet Butter Baking’s cakes?
See the following cake slice chart for various cake sizes.

Do you deliver Custom Wedding Cakes outside of Albuquerque?
Yes, delivery is available to Santa Fe, Rio Rancho and surrounding areas and the delivery fee is based upon mileage.

Do you offer delivery for your Online Cake Shop Cakes/Desserts?
Yes – All items ordered online are delivered within the Albuquerque metro area. The delivery fee is included in the total price of the cake/desserts.

I have some specific questions. How can I get more info?
I’m glad you asked! If you fill out an inquiry form for custom wedding cakes, I will schedule a phone consultation and/or tasting meeting with you. You may also email me with further questions to: